VOTE: Will Facebook Catch Up With Mixi In Japan?

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook announced that it topped the 10 million-user mark in Japan, more than double the number reported in September, but still trailing the country’s leading social network, Mixi, which reported 15.2 million monthly active users last month.

The social network announced the milestone at a marketing conference in Tokyo late last week that included announcements of timeline and new advertising products for Japan.

Japan remains one of the few countries where Facebook’s penetration is below 20 percent, joining China, where the social network is banned (another five countries also ban the U.S. social network).

However, Facebook continues to overtake locally-grown social networks in other foreign countries — such as leapfrogging StudiVZ in Germany — which makes the situation in Japan seem like it could approach a turning point.

And quite possibly, a lead position in Japan might bolster Facebook’s reputation in this part of the world enough to turn the tide in nearby China and possibly Russia.

So we’re curious to know whether you think Facebook is on track to overtake Mixi in Japan or not. Please share your opinion by participating in our poll and offering your rationale in the comments section. Be sure to check back later to see how others are voting.