Facebook Investor Sean Parker Reportedly Engaged

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook investor and Napster founder Sean Parker reportedly got engaged to Alexandra Lenas, a singer and songwriter based in New York.

The two have only dated for six months, acccording to People, which confirmed the engagement with Parker’s so-called “rep.” (Publicist? Agent? Assistant?)

The depiction of Parker as a playboy in The Social Network seems to have altered how the media perceives him in real life, as he has presented himself as more of a scruffy geek rather than the fashionable type played by Justin Timberlake.

Parker had dumped his previous girlfriend of three-and-a-half years, Kate Jurkiewicz around the time that The Social Network was released — sometime between May and October.

Then he had what Gawker calls “a brief apparent dalliance with lifecaster turned syndicated columnist Julia Allison” before hooking up with his current fiancĂ©e in October.

Parker retains a four percent stake in Facebook, which he received after the company formally incorporated in 2004. He resigned from the job of president in 2005, pressured to do so by the company — and its largest investor, Jim Breyer of Accel partners — after Parker’s arrest for suspected cocaine possession.

In 2006, Facebook investor Peter Thiel hired Parker as managing partner of the Founders Fund.

Readers, do you have any opinions about Parker’s doings and whether they affect Facebook’s image in any way?