STUDY: How Addicted Are We To Facebook Mobile?

By Justin Lafferty 

We know that Facebook has roughly 618 million mobile users, but how are they interacting with the social network from their smartphones? A comprehensive study by Facebook and IDC shows that most users on mobile check their News Feeds frequently. Several users copped to checking Facebook from their phones at the movies and while they’re at the gym.

The study notes that the number of smartphone owners is quickly growing. Last year, there were 155.1 million smartphone users in the U.S., which should rise to 181.4 million by the end of this year and 222.4 million by 2017. Many of these people check Facebook from their phones.

Facebook and IDC polled 7,446 iOS and Android users, who were 18 to 44 years old, finding that 70 percent of them used Facebook’s mobile application (61 percent used it every day).

How these people used Facebook mobile most often:

  • 82 percent: Read News Feed (63 percent said they did this constantly).
  • 49 percent: Respond to or post comments.
  • 38 percent: Post status updates.
  • 37 percent: Visit friends’ Timelines.
  • 33 percent: Message friends (40 percent said they felt more connected when messaging friends).
  • 16 percent: Play games.
  • 15 percent: Post pictures and videos.
  • 12 percent: Communicate in Facebook groups.
  • 7 percent: Find applications to use.

Facebook was found to be the third-most-popular activity on mobile, with 78 percent saying that they used their phones to check email and 73 percent using them for Web browsing.

Checking Facebook on the go was also popular during several activities:

  • Errands — 46 percent
  • Shopping — 46 percent
  • Dinner/cooking — 47 percent
  • Gym/workout — 48 percent
  • In meeting/class — 46 percent
  • Out to eat — 47 percent
  • Live event — 49 percent
  • Movies — 50 percent

Even though most people used their phones to connect with friends, they said that Facebook was most useful for staying in touch with members of their community.

Time-wise, Facebook also took up a significant chunk of smartphone users’ days. For evidence of just how omnipresent smartphones are, 89 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds in the survey said they check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. On average, people spent 32 minutes and 51 seconds per day on Facebook — 41.6 minutes on the weekend, and 19.5 minutes on weekdays.

The daily breakdown: 16.4 minutes per day checking News Feed, 9.5 minutes messaging, and 6.6 minutes posting status updates and photos.

The study also examined when Facebook is most used throughout the day.

But what motivates people to check Facebook so much? 25 percent of people in the study said that they checked News Feed out of curiosity. 20 percent said that was why they also checked their Instagram feeds. 34 percent of respondents said posting to Instagram led to feelings of excitement.

Readers: How often are you checking Facebook on your phones?

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