Facebook Becoming A Powerful Job Searching Tool

By Justin Lafferty 

When most people think of a social media site that’s tailored to job searching and recruitment, the obvious answer seems to be LinkedIn. However, Facebook is becoming more prominent in those arenas just by sheer volume. Many of the site’s 955 million users are eager to connect their job applications to their profiles, according to Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer of recruitment platform iCIMS. Vitale told AllFacebook that through iCIMS’ technology, more people are tying their application to their Facebook pages than their LinkedIn profiles.

Social media has changed the game both for job seekers and employers. According to statistics from iCIMS, 14.4 million people used social media to find their last jobs. Additionally, 33 percent of recruiters and 50 percent of companies use Facebook.

Vitale knows all about this. Her company, iCIMS, has a program called Social Apply. Companies such as LL Bean, Rite Aid, Comcast, and Tiffany & Co. use iCIMS’ services to find quality employees. Through Social Apply, people can connect their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to their job applications.

Facebook has actually been more popular than LinkedIn on iCIMS, Vitale claims:

As much as people think of LinkedIn for hiring — they’re obviously popular with white-collar hiring, and most corporate employees are familiar with LinkedIn — the reality is that there are tons of tons of submissions where candidates are not on LinkedIn. Health care and retail are two of our strongest verticals. If you think of retail associates, part-time workers, they’re not on LinkedIn, but they’re definitely on Facebook.

Vitale said that there’s no need to worry — photos and news feed information don’t come into play. Through Social Apply, potential employers only see data relevant to them, such as location, education, languages spoken, and work history.

But since Facebook integration is so omnipresent throughout the Web, Vitale said many job seekers are OK with allowing iCIMS to glean this information from their profiles. She told AllFacebook that it also shows employers that applicants are active on social media, which is an increasingly attractive trait:

If someone applies socially and doesn’t have a social media profile, that kind of gives off a bell to me that says, “Are they really even getting it?” They’re not active on these sites, and I’m not sure if they’re a good fit if they’re not passionate about social.

Readers: Have you ever used Facebook to gain more information about an employer, or even to apply for a job?

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