Facebook Application Promotes 'Hunger Games' Premiere

By Jackie Cohen Comment

The Hunger Games premieres in movie theaters this Friday, and that day will also see a version of the game debut on Facebook.

The app, called The Hunger Games Adventures, will also become available on a website by the same name and include the first-ever map of Panem, the fictional nation where the story is based.

The Facebook page devoted to the film has amassed the kind of following that would make movie marketers salivate.

  • 61 percent say they plan to watch the movie more than twice;
  • 79 percent say they plan to watch the movie with friends; and
  • 67 percent prefer the character Peeta over Gale.

Elsewhere on Facebook, the author of The Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins, has enjoyed a 240 percent increase in mentions across the site; that jibes with other statistics about her, like the fact that she’s the bestselling Kindle author of all time, according to our peer blog GalleyCat.

The book’s fan page has enjoyed almost as much growth in likes, up 230 percent since the beginning of the year, to total 837,766 as of this writing.

We’re curious to see whether the strength of this movie’s brand franchise translates into proportionately strong user numbers for the game launching this Friday.

Readers, how curious are you to check out The Hunger Games Adventures when it debuts this Friday — or will the app have to wait until you return from the theater?