Facebook Home Starts Rolling Out Internationally

By Justin Lafferty 

When Facebook Home was launched for U.S. Android users on selected devices, many users in other countries wondered when they would be able to experience the company’s newest mobile feature. That day is Tuesday, according to AllThingsD. Facebook Home will start rolling out Tuesday to international users.

Facebook’s newly minted Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer and Cory Ondrejka, head of mobile engineering, spoke at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference Tuesday in New York, and noted that Facebook Home will be available for international users Tuesday. Additionally, the first update for Facebook Home will roll out in the second week of May.

Schroepfer and Ondrejka took on questions about Facebook Home, namely its potential for advertising and whether or not Facebook approached Apple with the idea for Home.

Schroepfer talked about the company’s stance with regard to advertising, saying that it knows how, where, and when to place an ad on the site (or one of its mobile products):

Mark (Zuckerberg) is the arbiter of product quality across the company … There are a lot of places where we basically show fewer ads or don’t show ads because we don’t think it’s the right user experience.

Scheropfer also discussed more of the motivation behind Facebook Home:

We really want to focus on the things that we really are good at …  If there’s nothing social to add to calling someone, then we’re not going to mess around with it … Innovation happens because people do what they think is best with their products. Consumer expectations of quality have gone up a lot on mobile. If you do something that big on a device, you need to make it really good.

Ondrejka was pressed about whether or not Facebook made an effort to reach out to Apple for Facebook Home. He was repeatedly asked whether or not Facebook asked Apple about integrating Home, but shied away from giving a direct answer. Ondrejka noted that Facebook is well aware of Apple’s operating system and how it works on mobile, and implied that it wouldn’t have been a fruitful collaboration.

Readers: If you live outside of the U.S., are you excited for Facebook Home?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.