Facebook Adds Hide Application Button To Homepage

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Hide Application Icon-As expected, Facebook has just launched an updated version of their feed filters which enables you to stop viewing stories from individual applications. For example in the image to the left, you can choose to block out the Google Reader application from your feed. What I’m not sure about is whether or not hiding an application is just for that individual person for for all instances of that application.

Just yesterday I wrote about how granular feed filters are the future of Facebook’s news feed and this appears to be a step in that direction. For the time time being I believe hiding an application blocks it from all people but it would be nice if we could control this on a more granular level. Also not clear is whether or not you can add an application back to your feed after hiding it.

I will play around with the tool and reach out to Facebook. I’ll then update this post shortly. Thanks to Dan Birdwhistell for first tipping us off about this.