Facebook Helps Parents Keep Tabs on Their Kids

By Kenna McHugh Comment

During my daughter’s ballet class, one of the parents told me that she was looking over her child’s Facebook page. She knew I wrote about social media, so she asked me to clarify a few aspects about Facebook she didn’t understand. She also mentioned that she didn’t understand half of what the kids were sharing with her daughter, or why they would share stuff.

More and more parents are keeping tabs on their children by using Facebook, and a recent study reports kids are becoming aware of their parent’s meddling into their social media activities. I find this statistic interesting: 11 percent of the parents surveyed use Facebook to snoop on their children.

According to Mobiledia, U.K. security firm Bullguard reported over half of parents surveyed said they keep a watchful eye on their children by checking their activity on sites like Facebook. Nearly half of parents check their children’s updates and look at postings, while one-in-three check out tagged photos. Parents say they do it to protect their children, but also due to a basic curiosity about their kids’ friends.

Because kids are becoming more aware of their parent’s snooping, they reject their parents attempt to “friend” them. Thirty percent of parents say their kids declined their attempts to “friend” them. Nevertheless, clever parents still manage to achieve access. Thirteen percent said they circumvented the issue by using a friend’s account who is already a “friend” in order to snoop around their child’s Facebook site.

I am sure parents can justify sneaking around their child’s Facebook page, but I am a firm believer in upfront and unchallenging communication when it comes to finding out about your children’s activities.