Facebook Help Center Flooded With Spam

By Julie D. Andrews 

Any confused, challenged or perplexed Facebook user who heads over to the Facebook Help Center Forum is in for nothing but added frustration these days. That’s because a gang of slimy spammers has full-on infiltrated the forum center, originally built to capture and address user questions from authentic Facebookers, who’d be hard pressed to slip in an organic question now amid the “Watch Live!!!!” posts and threads of jumbled nonsensical emoticons.

It was Sophos who first reported that the Search section had been choked by scoundrel spammers after being clued in by a vexed reader; later, TheNextWeb chimed in to add that the spammers had also badly mangled the Messages section of the forum. All told, some 23 parts of the forum have been overrun.

Of course it’s not the first time this has happened. Recall our reporting of the 2011 Turkey Day spam attack.

At the moment, Facebook seems oblivious to the overthrow, as some forums still have several spam links.

Who are these mangy spammers? It’s been reported that Facebook accounts may have been registered solely for the purpose of the spam take-down. The accounts plaster enticements for live-streamed sports events and television content and cluttered jibber-jabber emoticons strung together.

What does it mean for users? If you’re looking for a little assist on the threads, you’re more likely to get bamboozled into clicking on spurious spam links. Those going to the forum seeking hardcore help? Sayonara. They’re off to the races, and by that we mean Google’s one-step search engine. Type your question and find your response. No waiting required.

Emil Protalinski of TheNextWeb.com summed up the suspicious activity:

Given the growing number of Facebook users, it’s never surprising to learn spammers are targeting the social network. The fact that they are getting into the site’s official forum apparently with ease, however, is worrying.

Concur. Now, let’s all gather together to shut these spammers down, shall we? Contact Facebook about the issue. If a forum is created, it should be monitored lest it become completely pointless and should be deleted, right?

Or perhaps that would just be a waste of time. Why? Because the real question is: Does anyone really rely on and find useful the concept of the forum any more? There are way speedier, non-nonsense ways to get the answers to your Facebook questions, such as a Google search.

Readers: When you have a question regarding Facebook, do you go to the official forum, or visit a search engine?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.