Facebook Groups App Users Asked to Complete Surveys

By David Cohen Comment

GroupsAppSurvey1Facebook introduced stand-alone application Facebook Groups in November, and some Facebook users who downloaded the app are being prompted to take surveys to describe their experiences.

Questions included:

  • On your phone, where do you keep the Facebook Groups app?
  • What is the primary thing that would make the Facebook Groups app more valuable to you?
  • Which app do you prefer for the following activities in your Facebook groups? (Creating a new group, discovering new groups to join, posting to my groups, reading updates from groups, managing my groups, changing my group notifications, administering my groups)
  • Please indicate how much you agree with the following statements: The Facebook Groups app is faster than other social media apps on my phone. The Facebook Groups app has too many notifications. It’s easy to use the Facebook Groups app. The Facebook Groups app crashes a lot. The Facebook Groups app loads slowly. Having a separate app for groups isn’t useful for me. The Facebook Groups app makes me feel more engaged with my groups.
  • Please indicate how you feel about the following statements about notifications from the Facebook Groups app: I receive too many push notifications from the Facebook Groups app. I like to know what is going on in my groups right away. Push notifications from the Facebook Groups app are annoying. The notifications from the Facebook Groups app are valuable.
  • What can we do to make the Facebook Groups app more valuable or enjoyable for you?

Readers: Do you use the Facebook Groups app? If so, how would you have answered these questions?

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