Facebook Still Dominates Google Plus On Android

By Julie D. Andrews 

Recently, by way of sponsored stories in Facebook users’ newsfeeds, the social network has begun dipping advertising toes into its mobile endeavors. Smart move: According to new research released by NPD Group — which tracks consumer usage across broadband access, content, and devices — over the past six months, Facebook has firmly held onto its spot as the top-performing social-network on Google’s Android platform, MediaPost reported.

Nearly 75 percent of Android smartphone users in the U.S. accessed Facebook’s application and website in March, according to NPD.

Additional NPD findings included:

  • Android users spend an average of 15 minutes daily, and nearly 470 minutes monthly, on Facebook apps and its website.
  • Facebook users on Android open the social network’s app an average of six times daily.
  • Among Android users in March, 10 percent of all page views were on the Facebook website.

Date from comScore last week showed Facebook with a reach of 80 percent and an audience of 78 million with its apps and sites across Android, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS.

Whereas NPD found that Google Plus had 16 percent reach in Web and 10 percent to 15 percent in apps over the past nine months, MediaPost reported.

Now, the challenge is for Facebook to find innovative ways to allow advertising into the mobile picture while not taking away from the user experience.

Readers: Do you think Google Plus will ever significantly carve into Facebook’s lead?