Googlers Are More Satisfied Than Facebookers, 1st Time In 4 Years

By David Cohen Comment

Where would you rather work: Facebook, or Google?

Data from online jobs and career community Glassdoor heavily favors the latter, with Google topping Facebook in average employee satisfaction for the first time since 2008.

Google scored a 3.9 average employee satisfaction rating for 2012, edging Facebook’s 3.7. Both figures were down from last year, when Facebook’s 4.2 edged Google’s 4.1.

Facebook’s average employee satisfaction rating peaked in 2010, reaching 4.7, while Google’s best mark over the past four years was 2011’s 4.1.

In the battle of chief executive officers, Google’s Larry Page earned a 94 percent approval rating, edging the 92 percent tallied by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s salaries were cited by 10 percent of respondents as a “pro” of working for the company, barely ahead of Google’s 9 percent, but when it came to other perks, Google topped Facebook by the following margins:

  • Food: 29 percent to 25 percent;
  • Benefits: 21 percent to 17 percent; and
  • Perks: 21 percent to 12 percent.

On the con side, long hours were a factor for nine percent of Facebook employees who responded, versus just three percent for Google.