Send Your Facebook Friend A Gift Card Via Giftly

By David Cohen Comment

For those having trouble picking out holiday gifts, the new application Giftly offers the possibility of gift cards from any one of the more than two million businesses currently listed on Yelp.

Giftly allows gift givers to choose from any of the Yelp-listed businesses, select an amount, add a photo, and send it to the recipient via Facebook or email.

Those who receive gifts must check in at the business with the Giftly app on their smart phone, and purchase whichever items or services they choose, after which they are immediately reimbursed by Giftly.

Here’s more from the “how it workspage:

A Giftly is a gift card that lives on your smartphone, never expires, and refunds you when you check in.

Giftly lets you make a gift card for any local business, big or small, in Yelp’s database of over 2 million places. It’s easy to make a Giftly as personal and customized as you want, and you can send it to someone instantly or set a delivery date in the future.

Getting a Giftly is great: It lives on your smartphone, so you’ll never lose it and it never expires. When you go to one of the places on your Giftly, you pay like you normally would, check-in on, and we refund you the money at once. Easy!

The service that comes closest to competing with Giftly but doesn’t do so directly is Cardpool, which lets you redeem unused Facebook credits toward the purchase of gift cards.

That said, we’ve noticed that gift cards have surged in popularity over the past few years, and wouldn’t be surprised to see this season set a new record for this type of present — clearly Giftly’s got its eyes on a big marketplace. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Readers: Would an app like Giftly help to solve some of your shopping dilemmas?