Orbitz.com Facebook Game Sends Users Packing

By David Cohen Comment

Online travel company Orbitz.com relaunched a Facebook game that can really take its players places.

Orbitz 50 Faves allows Facebook users who like the Orbitz Facebook page to invite their friends and start playing for the chance to win one of 50 once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

Players receive five bids upon signing up for Orbitz 50 Faves, which they can use to bid on their favorites of the 50 trips. Each bid represents one entry.

Additional bids are also granted for friends who accept invitations to join the game. Six of the trips are also locked, and they can only be unlocked by obtaining 10 friends to participate.

Participants can also see which trips their friends have bid on. Orbitz 50 Faves ends March 25, when the winners will be selected in a random drawing. One player will also be chosen randomly each day to win two airline vouchers.

The destinations include: Mauritius, Bermuda, Tokyo, London, Maui, and Las Vegas.

Orbitz.com President Chris Orton said:

When we launched Orbitz 50 Faves last August, it instantly became a fan favorite, with players placing more than 3.5 million bids by the end of the game. And 90 percent of our fans surveyed that played Orbitz 50 Faves said they would play this game again. We listened to our fans, and Orbitz 50 Faves is back with another 50 once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

Players who work their social networks the best can end up with enough bids to place on all 50 trips, or increase their odds of winning a particular trip by placing more and more bids on it. And this year, players have even more incentive to play every day because one player will be selected daily to win airline vouchers for two.