Facebook for Android Update Shows Friends’ Updates on the Lock Screen on Certain Phones

By Devon Glenn 

After receiving less-than-stellar reviews of Facebook Home, Facebook has added just the cover feed to the newest version of Facebook for Android.

Cover Feed shows Facebook users the most recent photos and status updates from their friends when they turn on their phones, according to our sibling blog InsideFacebook. They can also access their camera and messages once they unlock the screen.

In the original Facebook Home, updates from the social network appeared prominently on the home screen instead of tucked away in an apps folder. The social network continued to run in the background while other apps were in use. However, users complained that Home also blocked their Androids’ other widgets, docks, and app folders.

The latest update to Facebook for Android brings one element from Facebook Home — the cover feed — to Android users who have Facebook on their phones, but don’t necessarily have Facebook Home.

However, this part of the Android update only applies to Home-enabled devices including the¬†Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC One. If you don’t have one of these phones, forget we said anything.

If you do, note that the feature is optional.