Facebook Timeline Upgrade Doubles Foodspotting Users

By David Cohen Comment

Foodspotting has seen referral traffic from Facebook quadruple and monthly average users double since the upgraded for timeline this January.

Facebook’s developer blog recognized the food app for its use of action verbs spot, love, nom, try, and want.

The post went on to say of Foodspotting:

For existing users, Foodspotting shows a notification to encourage people to add the app to timeline. The call to action gets people to share, which fuels the loop that grows your app.

Foodspotting creates interesting stories by providing detailed information about each dish — such as location or the number of friends who have loved a dish — through With this information, Foodspotting can create more meaningful timeline aggregations, such as where I’ve eaten.

Finally, to make the stories really stand out in news feed and timeline, Foodspotting displays large user-generated photos by setting the user-generated photos property on the spot action.