Facebook Fellowships Will Double In Number This Year

By David Cohen Comment

Year three of the Facebook fellowship program is about to kick off, and the social network said it will double the number of awards this time around.

The Facebook Fellowship Program supports PhD students working on research in the areas of social web and technology. Applications are due December 16, and the 10 award recipients will be notified on February 1.

Each winner will receive tuition payment, a $30,000 stipend, $2,500 toward a PC, $5,000 toward conference attendance and travel, and a trip to Facebook’s headquarters.

Updates, details on how to submit entries, and frequently asked questions are available via the Facebook fellowship program page.

The social network said in announcing the beginning of the application process:

As Facebook evolves to provide a richer set of social interactions on the site, we constantly encounter new and challenging technical problems spanning a broad range of topics in computer science. We believe that engaging the academic community is key to finding the best long-term solutions to these problems.

This year, we are also increasing focus in systems areas (compilers, databases, distributed computing, fault tolerance, and networking). These areas represent a substantial portion of challenges we face, and we want the Fellowship Program to reflect this. At the same time, we want to continue to award fellowships in the other disciplines like Internet economics, machine learning, data science, and social computing. Doubling the program allows us to do both.