Facebook Fan Pages: Monkey Around With SurveyMonkey

By David Cohen Comment

The survey says: SurveyMonkey launched a Facebook app Monday that allows users with fan pages on the social network to incorporate surveys into their pages and generate feedback.

This offering represents serious competition for Facebook’s Questions, relaunched in March.

SurveyMonkey currently has more than 8.5 million users who together create some 280,000 online surveys monthly.

Surveys can be posted as links on walls or embedded onto the fan pages.

Creating surveys as links allows users to include share buttons in the hopes that other users spread the survey and boost participation. Neither option offers a like button directly on the survey.

After installing the SurveyMonkey app, to create a link, within the app click “Share on Facebook: Create a link to post to your Facebook wall or friends” under “How would you like to collect responses?”

To embed the survey, choose “Embed your survey directly on your Facebook page” from the same menu, which will direct users to SurveyMonkey’s Facebook Page Collector.

Facebook and SurveyMonkey accounts must be linked. Choose the correct survey under the Current Survey menu, and click apply, with no need for any coding.

SurveyMonkey said on its help page for the app:

Having a Facebook page enables you to create a strong and active community with current or future fans of your organization, product, etc. With the SurveyMonkey Facebook app, you can easily reach a targeted audience of friends, colleagues, clients, customers, students, etc. Simply add our app to your Facebook page, connect your SurveyMonkey and Facebook account, and then embed a survey on your page. All responses collected through the embedded survey are automatically delivered back into your SurveyMonkey account.

Readers, have you taken any surveys on Facebook?