ESPN Debuts Its First Action-Based Facebook Game

By David Cohen Comment

ESPN Arcade game ESPN Return Man has dodged, cut, and feinted its way onto Facebook, marking the sports cable network’s first action-based game on the social network.

ESPN Return Man puts players in the cleats of a football kickoff returner, with the ultimate goal being to avoid all of the would-be tacklers and score a touchdown.

The game can be played in two modes:

  • Blitz, which allows players to compete against friends on Facebook on new levels each week; and
  • Season, which follows the player from training camp through the championship game.

Regardless of which mode players choose, the objectives are the same: avoid defenders and hazards, and get into the end zone.

Players can purchase special moves and game boosts with Facebook Credits, and each yard gained brings perks to players including collection items, bonus points, score multipliers, and speed bursts.

Players can also gift items to friends, or talk trash to them on the ESPN Return Man leaderboard.

ESPN football personalities Herm Edwards and Trey Wingo coach and host the game, giving players feedback and tips.

Players can also listen to a live feed of ESPN Radio or view the ESPN Ticker while playing the game.