GOP Contender Newt Gingrich Doubles Facebook Fans

By Jennifer Moire Comment

The shuffling of the leaderboard in the Republican presidential primary race continues to affect the candidates’ popularity on Facebook.

According to our Election Tracker, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is doubling his daily number of new Facebook fans, following a pair of strong debate showings last week.

His gain may come at the collapse of former pizza company executive Herman Cain.

Cain’s Facebook fan base has dropped from a high of 7,000 fans to just 2,000 daily fans, as his candidacy is plagued by allegations of sexual harassment and a bumbling debate reply on Libya.

Here’s the breakdown: Gingrich has had more than 8,700 new fans in the past week, for a grand total of more than 170,000 likes on his page. He has averaged about 1,500 new fans each day in the past week.

While Herman Cain still has a much larger Facebook fan base, numbering more than 375,000, his momentum on Facebook appears to be stalling given the drop in new fans he is accumulating each day.

The Republican hopefuls still can’t lay a glove on President Barack Obama‘s solid Facebook showing. President Obama’s campaign fan page has more than 24 million likes, and he has added nearly 100,000 fans in the past week, and almost 13,000 today alone.

What do these results tell us in terms of predicting the election that is one year away? Nothing official.

However, the GOP candidates with strong Facebook showings still appear to be polling well. An Iowa poll out today shows Cain, Romney, Gingrich and Paul all in a four-way tie for first. All four candidates still have a strong overall Facebook fan base.

Which candidate are you supporting on Facebook?