How Digitas Differs From Other Facebook PMDs

By Jackie Cohen 

Beth McCabe, vice president of social marketing and technology at Digitas, told us about newly joining Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program for the first time.

Did Digitas just join the PMD now or was there a recertification? Which of the four areas does Digitas have badges in?

Digitas just joined the PMD program and we are thrilled. We qualified for the PMD program in apps, which means we fully tap into the Facebook social graph and create custom brand experiences that amplify engagement and activity between users and brands.

What was the process that Digitas went through to get the PMD badge?

Digitas was evaluated based on the quality and depth of our past platform executions, our adherence to Facebook policies and client references and recommendations. All of this information – with portfolio examples and success metrics – were submitted through the PMD application process to be evaluated by Facebook at the end of last year.

How does the PMD change the way Digitas will do business?

As an integrated brand agency, Digitas helps brands unlock their social value to drive business results by creating rich, innovative social experiences and integrating social into existing marketing platforms. Now that we have a more direct line into Facebook developers and resources, we’ll be able to produce deeper, more integrated work using Facebook.

How does Digitas differ from the other companies that have similar PMD badges?

As one of the few agencies in the program, Digitas is well positioned to create, execute and manage fully integrated marketing programs, instead of dealing with social in isolation, as an appendage to our clients’ larger business strategies and goals.

For engaging experiences we helped create using the Facebook platform, we won at this year’s first-ever Facebook Studio Awards with a groundbreaking campaign for a major financial services client.

Last year, the agency was awarded the Grand CLIO, the Gold CLIO for Interactive/Social, and the first CLIO Special Award for Facebook Integrated Mediafor the same campaign. Now that we have the important distinction as a PMD, we can leverage our deeper relationship with Facebook to produce even higher quality work with social at its core.