Facebook Developers Get More Security Features

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook is complementing its enhanced security for end users with a more secure platform for developers. The company unveiled the ability to assign different roles, or access levels, to people involved in creating an application.

The new roles are:

  • Administrator: This individual has complete access to the application and all its settings. Anyone previously listed as a developer becomes an administrator.
  • Developer: This individual can modify all technical settings and access insights but cannot reset secret key, delete application, or add additional users.
  • Tester: This individual can test the application in sandbox mode but cannot modify the application.
  • Insights User: This individual can access insights but cannot modify the application.

Facebook recommends that developers make use of these new roles immediately, and you can do that by clicking here. Or, read more about the feature by visiting the social network’s documentation page.

Another security improvement announced today gives developers more control over improvements made to applications. Administrators can receive email notifications whenever any of the app’s settings change. Additionally, admins can limit the ability to modify code based on programmers’ IP addresses. Additional information about this new feature appears on Facebook’s security documentation page linked in the paragraph above.

Have you tried out the improved security features for Facebook developers, and if so, what do you think of them?