Men Are Older In Most Opposite-Sex Relationships Studied By Facebook Data Science Team

By David Cohen 

OlderManYoungerWoman650Facebook continued its Valentine’s Day week series of studies by the Facebook Data Science Team with a look at the age differences in opposite-sex relationships on the social network, with information mined from anonymized, aggregated data on users with average ages of between 20 and 49.

Mike Develin of the Facebook Data Science Team shared the following findings:

  • On a global basis, male partners in opposite-sex relationships are an average of 2.4 years older than their female partners.
  • Males are older in 67 percent of opposite-sex relationships, while females are older in 20 percent, and both partners are the same age in 13 percent.
  • As age rises, so does the average age difference, with Develin pointing out that younger couples were more likely to have met while attending school.
  • Arab countries tended to have larger age gaps and age-gender gaps, with Egypt topping the list at a 5.09-year age gap in favor of males, and older males in 85 percent of relationships, versus just 6 percent with older females.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, Scandinavian countries had the most age-similar relationships.
  • Australia was the closest country to age parity, but even there, the average age gap was 1.82 years, and only 22 percent of relationships featured older females, while males were older in 63 percent.

Readers: Did any of the findings by the Facebook Data Science Team surprise you?


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.