Conversocial Offers Free Facebook Customer Service Kit

By David Cohen Comment

Social media managers having trouble keeping up with all of their interactions with customers on Facebook and Twitter may have some help in the form of the new starter edition of software from Conversocial.

The software-as-a-service startup said its free starter edition, which is limited to a single user, allows social media managers to:

  • Prioritize customer-service issues, highlighting urgent cases;
  • Schedule updates;
  • Screen and respond to comments, wall posts, and Tweets, including the ability to block inappropriate content; and
  • Issue reports on the company’s social media customer service.

Conversocial said customers using its multiuser software include Groupon, Net-A-Porter, ITV, and River Island.

There are two multiuser plans: Team, at $149 per user, per month, aimed at growing teams; and Enterprise, at $299 per user, per month, which covers the entire business.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Joshua March said:

As customer-service issues on Facebook and Twitter increase, companies are realizing that they need to move from an ad-hoc approach to structured management of their social media pages. They can’t go on ignoring their customers, or only responding to some when they happen to see it.

Unlike general social-media-management tools, Conversocial is focused on ensuring that no comments are missed and that our users can very quickly process and respond to large volumes of comments. In fact, some customers see an 80 percent increase in comments that are read using Conversocial.

This is what’s made our paid software popular with companies plugging in their customer-service teams, and we’re excited now to make it easier for individual social media managers to start taking control of social communication as they begin the process of consolidating their company’s presence on social networks with great customer care.

Readers: Have you had any really good or really poor customer-service experiences when interacting with brands on Facebook?