WARNING: Facebook Credits Generator Is A Scam

By David Cohen 

FacebookCreditGeneratorScamPostMore than 70,000 Facebook users fell victim to a scam that promised users the ability to generate five to 5,000 free Facebook Credits, despite the fact that the social network stopped using Facebook Credits Sept. 12, but Bitdefender’s HOTforSecurity blog reported that the fraudulent message were blacklisted by Bitdefender’s free Safego application Friday.

According to HOTforSecurity, potential victims saw posts in their News Feeds that read (unedited):

This is how all the professionals do.. They use this free software to add free credits to their accounts..So they can win all the time

The message also contained a goo.gl URL that directed victims through several steps, including copying and posting similar messages on at least five gaming-related Facebook pages.

Needless to say, the software — which claims to be “Very User Friendly, Even a 5 Year Old Kid Can Play With It” — does not add Facebook Credits to users’ accounts.

HOTforSecurity offered the following advice to Facebook users:

Free credit generator scams have been circulating on Facebook for a couple of years. Users are advised to be wary of offers, software giveaways, and other freebies that require them to like multiple items and follow several steps.

Readers: Have you seen any similar scams in your News Feeds?


Screenshots courtesy of HOTforSecurity.