ALERT: Beware Of The Facebook Credits Generator

By Jackie Cohen 

We’ve got a live one here, folks: The Facebook Credits Generator.¬†

Someone posted a link to it on our own Facebook page and we deleted it to protect you from this malware, but the fact that it didn’t trigger the spam filter means that the social network’s site’s immune system hasn’t learned to block this one yet.

Hopefully, this is changing right as you’re reading this post, as Facebook’s own security team moves pretty quickly whenever we call out something suspicious looking.

Most likely, as soon as the original URL, gets blocked, the creators of the scheme will move to another address.

Scouting out all subsequent variations on the original address ought to keep the site’s filters occupied, so if you spot any post like the one described here, we encourage you to flag it or otherwise report it to Facebook security, which helps make the site safer for everyone.

By now, enough of us know the tell-tale signs of malware and other digital maladies, which in this case is the simple fact that there’s no such thing as free Facebook credits, meaning unearned or not paid for.

Someone can buy you credits as a gift, or you can earn them in an application but the prospect of generating this digital coinage out of nowhere should raise a red flag.

Another red-flag raiser: This scheme leads to a Blogspot address rather than a site dedicated to the application, or at least to something that looks more business oriented.

So, again, let’s all learn from this one and be on the lookout. ¬†Readers, when was the last time you saw anything in your news feed promising free Facebook credits?