Yahoo Social TV IPad App Taps Facebook Connect

By David Cohen Comment

Yahoo debuted an iPad app called IntoNow, which uses Facebook Connect to help create a social television-viewing experience.

IntoNow uses SoundPrint technology to automatically indentify which TV shows users are watching, and whether the episodes are airing live or recorded, and the app then taps Facebook Connect and Twitter to offer related content, Tweets, personalized recommendations, and discussions about the shows with other Facebook users.

Here’s how Yahoo describes IntoNow on its page in the iTunes App Store:

Picture this: Press the green button while you’re watching TV, and stats from that football game, tweets from that show’s actors, or related news headlines emerge on the topic your newscaster is talking about — all in real-time as you’re watching.

IntoNow was one of three iPad apps introduced by Yahoo, and the other two were:

  • Livestand, which curates content from Yahoo! and third-party publishers to create a personalized magazine based on users’ interests; and
  • Yahoo! Mail for iPad, which brings the Apple tablet’s navigation and display capabilities together with the Internet giant’s email offering.

Yahoo! also announced that Conversations and Notifications will launch in the coming weeks, and the company debuted one app for Android: Yahoo Weather for Android, which combines weather data with related photos from Flickr.

Readers: Would you consider using IntoNow or other Facebook TV-companion apps while watching your favorite shows?