Facebook Connect Used By 250 Million People Per Month

By Meredith Singer Comment

During an interview at Le Web, the internet conference in Paris, Facebook’s Developer Network Director, Ethan Beard, told the group more than 250 million people are using Facebook Connect every month.

And the numbers are still growing – more than 100 million of those users started logging into Facebook Connect on third-party sites just this past year.

This probably has to do with the fact two million websites have added Facebook Connect in the two years since its 2008 launch. Want another stat? Ten thousand new sites are adding Connect every day, Beard told the conference.

We’re seeing Facebook Connect being used in creative ways by third-party sites, proving it can be used for far more than just link sharing.

This summer we wrote about Amazon’s use of Facebook Connect to make shopping recommendations based off your friends’ interests. A few months ago we wrote about Eventbrite’s implementation of Connect to share similar events your Facebook friends are attending (once you opt-in of course) after you make a booking.

Some companies are reporting all this “sharing” between third party sites and Facebook is having a positive effect on traffic. Beard told the conference this example: Spotify, a UK-only music startup, has seen a growth of four times more referral traffic from Facebook since implementing Connect this year, according to Mashable.

We’re guessing many other sites could say the same. If you’re an admin for a Facebook page at your company (and you’ve implemented Facebook Connect), has it been successful at driving more referral traffic?