Facebook Confirms Streamlined Post Scheduling, Announces Easier Photo Uploading For Page Admins

By David Cohen 

SchedulePostRevampOfficialFacebook officially announced the improvements to the post-scheduling process that began leaking out last week, as well as an easier way for page administrators to upload photos.

The social network said in a post on its Facebook for Business page announcing the updates that the new post-scheduling features are already available to page admins, and the photo-uploading improvements will follow “soon.”

Facebook offered more details on the new Page Composer features in its post:

To make it simpler to schedule posts, we’ve shortened the process for scheduling a post from 12 steps to four.

The Page Admin panel was also updated to help admins manage their upcoming posts.


Page admins will now have the ability to upload multiple images from their desktop or add multiple images via new drag-and-drop capabilities.


A new camera icon coming to the Page composer will also allow admins to upload a photo or video with just a single click.


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