Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes And Longtime Boyfriend Tie The Knot

By Justin Lafferty 

Not long after Facebook announced same-sex marriage icons, the social network’s co-founder, Chris Hughes, posted to his page that he married his longtime boyfriend, Sean Eldridge.

Hughes, a 2006 Harvard grad, started Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, but left in 2008 to work on President Barack Obama’s online campaign. He now owns the left-leaning political magazine The New Republic.

Just like Zuckerberg, he announced his marriage with a life event on Facebook.

There has been lots of marital bliss among Facebook employees this year.

The newly-wedded couple also talked to The New York Times for their announcement. Hughes and Eldridge met in 2005, through one of Eldridge’s college friends. Hughes told the Times about the first impression that Eldridge made:

He was very intelligent and charismatic. He was very kind and politically engaged, and he cared about the world around us. All of that was very attractive to me.

Congratulations to Hughes and Eldridge. Be sure to visit their wedding photo album, as well.

Photos courtesy of Chris Hughes’ Facebook page.