4% Of Children On Facebook Are Under 6 Years

By Jackie Cohen 

Kids are learning to use computers at ever younger ages, and some are figuring out how to lie about their age to access Facebook. The site has a minimum age requirement of 13, yet four percent of children using the site are under age six.

That’s the most startling statistic in the infographic compiled by Minor Monitor, one of the newer entrants into the already crowded market for surveiling kids’ activity online. According to the vendor, barely half of parents use technology to keep a digital eye on children, despite worries about sexual predators and bullying.

While many of the kids under 13 using Facebook do so with their parents’ knowledge, we don’t know whether those in the single-digit age bracket also have their parents’ sanction to use the social network — older siblings seem like likelier influences in grade-schoolers learning how to connect this way.

Let us know what you think of the infographic below: Should more parents use third-party tools to track what their offspring do online, or do websites and lawmakers need to create more safeguards?