Facebook Chat Alternative Has Pretty Colors, Little Else

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook users looking for an alternative to the social network’s chat feature now have another option, Chit Chat Web Messenger, but we’re not sure why an alternative to Facebook chat is even necessary.

Chit Chat Web Messenger, from Wiltshire, England-based Athena IT, is a free browser add-on that works with all major browsers and all screen sizes, including tablets and PCs.

Features include:

  • A tab interface that allows users to keep track of multiple conversations;
  • Direct access to Facebook features such as status updates and profile pictures;
  • A buddy list and messaging window; and
  • Extensive customization options.

However, do those features really improve upon Facebook chat? In fact, the only clear difference we see in Chit Chat Web Messenger is its appearance, which the company mentions extensively in its press release:

Compared with other Facebook chat Web applications, Chit Chat provides a more polished and more beautiful presentation. Colors have been selected not just for easy readability, but also for their aesthetic qualities. Great care has been taken in terms of the shape, text, color, and size of every feature to ensure users can focus on what the application is meant to do, and not on the application itself. The UI has clearly been designed to promote functionality, as well as aesthetics.

Bottom line: Unless users are really offended by the appearance of Facebook Chat, for some reason, we see no need for a browser extension like Chit Chat Web Messenger.