More Changes? Facebook Refines Appearance

By Jackie Cohen Comment

We continue to find more unannounced changes that appear to be refinements of the massive overhaul of the past couple weeks.

Over the past week, pages have begun showing administrators how many of their fans like other properties on Facebook.

Facebook pages now tell all visitors how many of their friends have worked at the company in question. However, uses the past tense of the verb, making it sound like current coworkers no longer are your colleagues. That grammatical oversight jibes with the site notification’s use of “their” to refer to both singular and plural subjects.

Here are three more changes we’ve seen over the past week.

  1. The site has renamed an old test module “past status updates,” which we’d last seen called “on this day in,” followed by the year. Alas, this age old feature still doesn’t show posts that had the most engagement but rather chooses randomly.
  2. Poke notifications have received a makeover: They now include the old icon showing a hand with index finger extended.
  3. The ticker on the right-hand side of the home page automatically shrinks to take up less real estate on the screen wheneer friend activity on the site subsides. Some have observed the ticker move beneath sponsored stories.

We can only guess that what we’re seeing are refinements to the massive changes made to the site over the past couple of weeks.

It’s also interesting to note all of these changes today, which happens to be the day that published timelines become visible even to those who don’t yet have the new profile activated.

Readers, what additional changes are you seeing on the site?

Special thanks to Kevin Evanetski for pointing out some changes to the site.