Facebook Campaigns Ask To Legalize NJ Sports Betting, Sell Booze On Sundays In GA, Allow Abortions In MS

By Jennifer Moire Comment

With 34 different state and local ballot initiatives presenting voters across the U.S. with controversial questions next Tuesday, we continue to find local Facebook pages and events campaigning for these issues.

Here’s a look at Facebook campaigns for ballot questions in Georgia, New Jersey and Mississippi.


More than 100 city and county governments in Georgia will vote on November 8 to expand sales of packaged alcohol on Sunday afternoons.

Supporters of the ballot question has a Facebook page called Support Sunday Alcohol Sales. Jackson and Paulding counties in the state each have Facebook pages in support of the law.

Alcohol ads are currently prohibited on the social networking site.

New Jersey

New Jersey voters will decide whether sports betting will become legal later this month.

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced his support for the betting referendum. Another supporter of the ballot question has created a Facebook public event, Vote Yes on Sports Betting in New Jersey.


A controversial pair of initiatives face Mississippi voters next week, starting with the question Should the state constitution grant personhood to fertilized eggs?

The issue has widespread consequences for reproductive rights and medical research in the state.

Unfortunately, the anti-abortion campaigners have more fans on Facebook than the pro-choice supporters are, although the latter show more engagement.

On the pro-choice side, Hell No on Mississippi 26 and 27 has a very busy page with more almost 700 fans and is aligned with another page, Parents Against MS 26, which has 1,229 fans. On the anti-abortion side of things, the page Yes on 26 has over 13,212 likes.

Both sides are using Facebook to share videos, links to newspaper editorials and stories, post comments from supporters and organize before the vote.

Are there ballot efforts in your community that have a presence on Facebook?