Facebook Business Page or a Profile Page for Your Business? Small Businesses Still Aren’t Getting the Message

By CJ Arlotta 

As a business owner, I understand the frustration of not being able to add prospective consumers or clients to your page. I’m sure you’re tempted to create a simple profile (timeline) page for your business to help attract targeted individuals in your market, however, it is something that I would not recommend. In fact, not only do I not condone the activity, but if you create a Facebook profile (timeline) page for your business, you are in direct violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. Some of you may think this information is repetitive, but I think otherwise. Search Facebook for businesses in your local area, and I guarantee most of them are not getting the message.

I make money off of businesses that do not have pages, since I persuade businesses to ditch their profile (timeline)  for a page, so believe me that there are many businesses out there that are not taking advantage of the Facebook page, which is unfortunate for them, but good for me.

On the other hand, it’s my duty to provide you with useful information, so if you are a businesses that still has a profile (timeline), see why you should switch over below:

  • Facebook Created Pages with Businesses in Mind – Facebook created pages FOR businesses. Why would you want to use a profile (timeline) instead? If a part of a car was designed for a particular model, why would you use it for a different one?
  • Facebook Insights – Profile (timeline) pages do not have Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights, as many of you know, provides page owners with metrics around their content, which enables a business to market more effectively. Demographics, age and gender are a few of the many categories of data gathered from Facebook Insights.
  • Land a Landing Page – Businesses can take advantage of the landing page option. Profile (timeline) pages can only be viewed by a selected amount of users. In order to view the particular profile (timeline), one must be friends with the user. A page, however, gives businesses the option to have creative landing page. Take advantage of this feature and put something together that will get visitors to “like” your page.
  • Indexed in Search Engines – Facebook pages also get indexed in search engines, so that your customers can easily search for you. Profiles are not made primarily for this type of SEO strategy.

Go ahead, keep your profile (timeline) page for your business, but don’t be disappointed if Facebook takes your page down for violating their Terms of Use, or you’re not getting the results you were hoping for.

CJ Arlotta covers the world of social gaming for development firms as well as the average consumer. Currently, he is accumulating more knowledge of the international gaming market to follow and understand what global developers may need to compete with already striving markets.  Check out CJ Media Solutions for more.