Facebook Bug Caused Pages’ Reported Reach To Be Lower

By Justin Lafferty 

For page administrators who have seen their pages’ reaches decrease over the past few months, Facebook claims it has found (and is solving) the issue. A bug in the insights tool led many pages to show reach figures lower than what they actually were. Facebook is rolling out a fix for this issues, and it notes that analytics should be accurate around this weekend.

In a post on the Facebook Studio blog, the company notes that some pages should see their total reaches increase as a result of the changes. Facebook stressed that this is a reporting issue, not a delivery issue.

Facebook found the bug during a comprehensive audit of its page insights product, discovering that the reported reach was misrepresented for many pages:

The actual impact of the bugs will vary from page to page and day to day based on a number of factors, such as when and how frequently you post.  To see the overall impact, if any, on your individual pages, we recommend looking at your organic, paid, and viral reach and impressions for your page and for your posts over the next few weeks, starting Monday, Feb. 25. Because these bugs impacted our logging systems, we won’t be able to backfill page insights with historical data.

As a result of the fixes that Facebook is working on, the company says reach should be more accurate soon. Pages will also see an increase in paid reach, if they ran news feed ads. Organic reach could go up or down, depending on the composition of the pages’ fan bases, as well as when and how often they post, and spending patterns. Metrics such as engagement rate and virality could also change.

Readers: Have you noticed decreased reach in the past few months?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.