Anti-Abortion Governor Deletes Facebook Comments

By David Cohen Comment

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback whitewashed his Facebook wall Thursday following a flurry of negative comments about his statement that he would sign an anti-abortion bill introduced into the Kansas legislature.

Mashable reported that Brownback’s Facebook wall had been bombarded with negative and sarcastic comments for a couple of days.

The governor’s office would not comment on the matter.

Some of the deleted comments included:

  • Hi Sam — I had sex with my wife and she didn’t get pregnant. I’m here to turn her in.
  • I just called your office, and they wouldn’t let me schedule a pap smear. I’m confused, aren’t you taking care of all this now?
  • Hey Governor Brownback, I was considering going on birth control because I’m fed up with being a teacher who has acne. Which one would you recommend for this?
  • UPDATE: My wife changed her pad. You may resume regular activities. Thanks again for caring so much, Sam.

In fairness to Brownback, the deleted comments appeared to be only those related to the abortion bill, as several critical or negative comments remained on his Facebook wall, and in other areas of his page. The first three comments on his profile picture, which was posted in November, were:

  • The face of a scared little man. Your nervous smile belies your insecurity.
  • Also: Very creepy.
  • The Nazi party would love to have you!

Brownback was involved in a controversy on another social network in November, after Kansas teenager Emma Sullivan tweeted that she told the governor he sucked, in person, and Brownback’s office contacted the principal of her school, demanding an apology.

The governor wound up apologizing to Sullivan for overreacting to the tweet.

Readers: Do you think Brownback or his office acted properly in deleting the negative comments from the governor’s Facebook wall?