Facebook Apps Bring Super Bowl Spectators Together

By Justin Lafferty 

Even if you’re at a huge Super Bowl party this Sunday, you’ll probably be checking Facebook on your phone or tablet. Maybe you want to congratulate your friend in Baltimore or talk some trash to a buddy in San Francisco. There are several Facebook-integrated applications that look to enhance your Super Bowl XLVII experience, such as FanCake and SportStream.

CBS Connect: CBS, which will carry Super Bowl XLVII on television, also has a second-screen app for the iPad, which takes fans deeper into the big matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. The CBS Connect app not only offers alternative camera angles, but gives Facebook users the chance to chat with other fans who are also watching the Super Bowl. If you’re not into the game, you can chat with fans of other CBS TV shows.

FanCake: Available for iOS users, FanCake allows armchair quarterbacks the chance to call the plays. Facebook users can connect through the app, predict plays, and earn rewards for correct guesses. If you think you’re in touch with the minds of head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh, or think that BeyoncĂ© will suffer a wardrobe malfunction, FanCake might be the app for you.

NFL Mobile: The National Football League’s official Facebook app brings real-time updates and stats to fans on iOS and Android devices. The app provides up-to-date news, injury reports, and videos, if you’re unsatisfied with the job that the CBS broadcasters are doing and want something extra. Users can also connect with other friends on Facebook through the app to talk smack with opposing fans.

Madden NFL 13 Social: If the Super Bowl reminds you how badly you want to play (but you don’t have the athleticism to do it on Sundays), simply get the Madden NFL 13 Social app to play virtual football with Facebook friends. Users can create a team of real NFL athletes, then compete with their Facebook friends for bragging rights.

SportStream: The SportStream app, available for iOS devices, connects Facebook users not only to their friends and other sports fans, but to experts and official team pages. From one app, fans can get updates from the official Facebook pages of the Ravens and 49ers, as well as talk with other supporters about the game. SportStream also has play-by-play action, as well as live stats and scoring updates.

SportStream CEO and Co-Founder Bob Morgan talked with AllFacebook about how these second-screen apps make the Super Bowl experience better:

Fans don’t want to miss out on any of the action around the Super Bowl, both on and off the field. From streamlined social media content to alternative camera angles, the second screen will be a major player in this year’s game.

SportStream satiates the social need and fans’ desire to be a part of the broader conversation about the game. It will provide a customized Super Bowl stream of the best and most relevant Twitter, Facebook, and news content, plus stats and play-by-play, so fans can contribute to the conversation from the app and hear all the buzz and commentary. FanCake rewards fans for tuning in, awarding prizes based on their game predictions’ accuracy. Viewers who actively watch can benefit in a big way, plus enjoy the gamification aspect. The actual viewing experience itself is being enhanced by CBS’ own Super Bowl second screen, which will allow users to see alternate camera angles. Rather than be limited by what airs on TV, fans can see the game from all sides — literally.

Readers: Do you have any of these apps?