How Many Facebook Apps Gained Access To Your Personal Info In 2012?

By Megan O'Neill 

How many Facebook apps do you think gained access to your personal info this year?  How many have you given permission to post in your name?  How many can access your inbox or contacts?  How many know your location?  The New Year is the the perfect time to do a little bit o’ Facebook reconnaissance and find out just how many apps are accessing your personal data—and clean things up by removing some of these permissions., a tool that helps Facebook users easily access and clean up their apps permissions in one click, urges you to “start with a clean 2013” by scanning your apps permissions to find out just how many Facebook applications have gained access to your personal information.  You may be surprised!

I’m definitely guilty of blindly giving apps the OK to do all sorts of things on Facebook, but I was flabbergasted to learn that I’ve given permission to 127 apps to post in my name, 116 to access my info 24/7, 3 to access my inbox or contacts, 7 to know my location, and a whopping 141 to access my media and files.  And the craziest part is, many of these apps were just websites I visited once or twice and had no recollection of giving any permissions to at all…and some of them I’m sure I’ve never had anything to do with in my life!

Head over to to find out how many apps are currently gaining access to your personal information.  Once the tool scans your apps permissions you can easily go through and click to remove any apps that you no longer want to grant access to and, as the MyPermissions team says, “start with a clean 2013.”

You can also provide a review of each app, stating whether or not you “trust” it.  As you go through and report whether or not your trust an app, a Permissions Meter will show you the ratio of trusted to untrusted apps.  The goal, of course, is to make sure you’re only providing your personal information to apps you trust.

Were you surprised by the number of apps that have access to your personal info?

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