Facebook App Allows Customers To Report Power Outages Online

By Justin Lafferty 

Want to let your utilities company know that the power is out? There’s a Facebook app for that. Chicago-based ComEd announced Tuesday that it has released a Facebook application that allows customers to report power outages. By clicking on the “Report an Outage” tab on ComEd’s Facebook page, users can let the company know when and where they’ve lost power. Users can also check on the status of outages through the app, which ComEd claims is the first of its kind.

While ComEd has several ways that its customers can contact the company through their phones to alert them of power outages, this particular app does not translate into mobile. A ComEd spokesperson told AllFacebook that the app is more for customers to report outages in other areas, as people in downed areas wouldn’t have great access to the internet. The company accepts tips via text messages, and it does have an app for Apple and Android phones.

ComEd has been committed to offering several ways that customers can interact and report problems. This Facebook app is the latest example. Val Jensen, the company’s senior vice president of customer operations, talked about its high-tech engagement in a press release:

Enabling customers to report an outage using ComEd’s Facebook page is another important tool our customers can use to let us know the power is out in their area. The quicker we know about an outage, the quicker we can respond and restore power.

ComEd provides service to roughly 3.8 million customers in northern Illinois.

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