STUDY: Facebook Users' Anger Has Already Softened

By David Cohen Comment

Users’ anger over Facebook’s latest changes is softening a bit, enough to suggest eventual acceptance like what has occurred after every upgrade in the past.

Negativity still prevails, albeit infused with a sense of humor, according to a 360i sentiment analysis of 150 Facebook posts and tweets about the changes.

We would want to see a larger number of posts and tweets to feel more confident about 360i’s findings. However, a spokesperson for the company said in an email, “Our150 sample size is actually statistically significant at 95 percent confidence level AND The confidence interval is plus or minus eight.”

The exact breakdown was:

  • 44 percent were negative or very negative.
  • 43 percent were neutral, supplying information without expressing an opinion
  • 10 percent feel positive or very positive.
  • three percent had mixed opinions

The negative sentiment doesn’t apply to all of the new features, however, as 360i found that discussion about the new timeline profile was mostly positive.

The new real-time ticker on the right side of users’ homepages, on the other hand, was the subject of much venom.

The element of surprise and rapid deployment of many of the new features drew users’ ire, as 360i found that many users believe that while change is inevitable, it has been coming to Facebook at too rapid of a pace.

One more factor noted by 360i:

We also believe the negativity will blow over quickly because of how the posts were written. Almost 20 percent of the negative posts were written as comic relief or in a sarcastic manner. This type of humor makes us think that if people can laugh about it, then they can’t be that upset over it.

Some of the sample posts and tweets collected by 360i:

  • More Facebook changes, Mark Zuckerberg?! Would you like me to go to your house and move around all your furniture and see if you like it?!
  • I am hoping G+ will be the new FB so I can stop dealing with all the changes FB thinks are so grand!
  • Going on Twitter to complain about the new Facebook is like complaining to your ex about your new girlfriend.
  • Yep, with all these changes, Facebook is definitely going through puberty.
  • Facebook’s made more changes than Obama.

Readers: After having a few days to digest the changes Facebook announced last week, has your attitude about them changed?