Facebook AI Research Partnership Program Launches

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook AI Research announced the launch of an initiative to further its efforts by donating 25 state-of-the-art graphics-processing-unit-based servers to research institutions in the European Union.

FAIR announced in a blog post by director of engineering Serkan Piantino and research lead Florent Perronnin that the first donation in its Facebook AI Research Partnership Program will go to Klaus-Robert Müller at TU Berlin, who will receive four GPU servers to help speed his team’s progress on image analysis of breast cancer and chemical modeling of molecules.

The social network’s artificial-intelligence arm said it will work with recipients of its Facebook AI Research Partnership Program to ensure that they have the proper software to run the GPU servers, and it will send researchers to collaborate with participating institutions.

FAIR said in its blog post:

We are opening this program up to the broader European community, and research institutions will be invited to submit applications to receive a GPU donation, indicating the type of research they are doing and the number of researchers who would make use of the platform. The recipients will be selected based on published criteria and based on research alignment. Additional information on the program can be found here.

Müller added:

This partnership comes at exactly the right moment for AI research in Germany. It will help us as we study two very hard and computationally intense learning problems around image analysis of breast cancer and chemical modeling of molecules. The new servers will help us speed up our research cycles and do better AI research much faster.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on the Facebook AI Research Partnership Program?