Advertisers: Facebook Still Not As Important As The Rest Of The Internet

By Justin Lafferty 

Despite some major companies throwing their support behind advertising on Facebook, several advertisers still feel that the social network pales in comparison to the rest of the Web. According to a new study from social marketing firm 33Across, more than 70 percent of advertisers polled said they preferred to spend more than 80 percent of their focus on the rest of the Web, instead of Facebook.

The survey (distributed to 2,200 brand marketers and advertising agencies) gave five options, in terms of advertising focus: 80 percent Facebook/20 percent rest of Web, 60 percent Facebook/40 percent rest of Web,  50/50, 60 percent rest of Web/40 percent Facebook and 80 percent rest of Web/20 percent Facebook.

The study was performed first in March (before Facebook’s IPO) and again in June. While the numbers of those who felt that they’d place 80 percent focus on Facebook increased from zero to four, the numbers of those who felt an 80 percent focus on the rest of the Web jumped much higher:

The study also notes that several marketers planned to decrease their Facebook marketing budget.

33Across Chief Marketing Officer Allie Kline commented on the way advertising attitudes toward Facebook have changed:

What was particularly surprising to me was the dramatic shift in advertiser and agency attitudes toward Facebook after the IPO. Facebook’s future greatly depends on advertiser spend — on both the Web and mobile devices — and this survey indicates that they have some work to do to restore advertiser confidence in their Facebook investments.

Readers: If you manage a business, what is your online marketing breakdown — more Facebook-heavy, or do you rely on advertising elsewhere on the Web?

Images courtesy of 33Across.