Facebook Ads Product Director Gokul Rajaram Discusses Atlas Acquisition

By Justin Lafferty 

On Thursday, Facebook officially announced the acquisition of Atlas Solutions from Microsoft, allowing the social network to cater to large advertisers and agencies looking to better measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Facebook Ads Product Director Gokul Rajaram spoke with AdExchanger regarding what this means for the company.

Rajaram told AdExchanger that the acquisition will really help with mobile:

One of the big things we hear from marketers and agencies is that the current ad-serving systems do not support mobile. Mobile is a black box. Mobile basically is unsupported in ad serving and measurement. Marketers need to know that their mobile campaigns can be fully measured, and that’s not happening today. And so we are committing to eventually build a mobile-device, cross-platform ad-serving solution for Atlas.

Rajaram also said that as part of Facebook’s acquisition of Atlas, the social network will start hiring more in the engineering and product-management sectors to get the full effectiveness of the partnership. Facebook will not make the Atlas team relocate, however, as they’ll still be in Seattle.

Among several other questions, Rajaram also discussed why Facebook purchased Atlas:

Two things: Atlas already has expertise in this, so this is a fairly complex ecosystem, it’s a fairly complex technology stack. It’s a fairly complex product. There’s a lot of domain expertise. We feel that the Atlas product already has a lot of experience, both around understanding customer needs and around technology. Second, it already has a fairly large ad server, used by a number of clients and agencies out there.