INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook's $142 Million Political Ad Market, According To 140 Proof

By Jennifer Moire Comment

A new offering for political campaigns from the social agency 140 Proof hopes to give the firm a slice of the $142 million social ad market this election year.

Like other social ad platforms, 140 Proof’s product uses targeting to help candidates reach new voters and amplify a message on Facebook.

Targeting is key, because 100 million potential voters are using social networks this year, according to 140 Proof.

The company’s named for starting a social ad on Twitter that ends on a Facebook profile or app.

The social ad tool leverages the firm’s experience with Fortune 100 companies, which run the gamut from large consumer packaged goods to film, gaming and electronics corporations.

Candidates can also use social ads to amplify their television and radio ad buys, and capture the social conversation around live events, such as debates, major speeches or rallies.

While 140 Proof can’t disclose which campaigns the company is working with, the ideal customer is a state level-campaign or bigger, since the technology is more effective at reaching larger audiences and brand consumers.

The agency’s founder says campaigns are using the right tools, but may not be pushing far enough, fast enough with their online advertising. And time is ticking.

Social ad spending is expected to grow 15 times this year as compared to 2008, but is far below what campaigns will spend on TV.

With that in mind, 140 Proof produced the following infographic which shows how political ad spending will play out on social media in 2012.