How Did Facebook Pitch To Advertisers In 2004?

By Justin Lafferty 

You might think that advertising and Facebook have only been bedfellows for the past few years. You’d be wrong. Digital media site Digiday posted the media kit that former Facebook Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Saverin was handing out to potential advertisers in New York in 2004. Back then, the site was still called TheFacebook, and it had a membership of roughly 70,000 college students.

Digiday said one of the people at that New York meeting held onto their media kit and recently released it to the site. It shows Facebook in a simpler, more innocent time, when students used the site to connect with classmates and the college experience was the main draw.

Saverin’s pitch to advertisers: College students (well, those at schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, and Stanford, anyway) have money to spend on goods and services. Why not let them know about your goods and services on a website they check obsessively?

Although TheFacebook was in its infancy, the site already had the start of targeted advertising. Saverin offered advertisers the ability to key in on users based on certain categories in their profile, such as college, sexual orientation, degree type and concentration, ZIP code, age, gender, clubs, jobs, house/dormitory, and courses taken.

Readers: Were you surprised by anything in TheFacebook’s media kit?

Images courtesy of Digiday and Wikipedia.