Facebook Will Expand Metrics In Ads Manager

By Jackie Cohen 

Facebook has announced that its advertising metrics will include new data points labeled actions, measuring how campaigns fulfilled specific marketing objectives.

The actions data will appear in Facebook’s ad manager tool, comparing how paid campaigns performed versus specific goals, such as usage of apps, credits spent, or page posts.

For instance, a concert venue with a ticket application on its page could measure how many people used the app to make purchases after seeing advertisements about it on Facebook. This is illustrated in the screenshot at the bottom of this post.

Like our sibling blog Inside Facebook said about this development today:

Previously, it had been difficult for marketers to understand what sort of effect their ads had beyond building a fan base since Facebook did not provide information about what users did after they clicked on an ad. This change seems to be part of a continued push to de-emphasize Likes as a campaign goal, and instead encourage marketers to focus on engagement within the platform. Today’s announcement does not affect Facebook’s pricing model. Ads are still sold on a cost-per-click or cost-per-impression basis….

Under the old system advertisers could only get data about the number of people who liked the page as a result of the ad. They could visit a separate page insights dashboard to see the total likes, comments and shares for a post, but there was no way to distinguish which actions came organically versus through paid media.

This latest change helps close that gap and could be particularly useful for ads application programming interface partners that help advertisers optimize their campaigns.