What Is It Like To Be A Facebook Intern?

By Justin Lafferty 

This week, some California high school students are living the dream: getting a taste of what it’s like to work for Facebook. The company’s inaugural high school internship program — Facebook Academy — started this week, and students are taking in the full experience.

The four-week internship program takes students behind the curtain and shows them what life is like (luckily, Facebook has certainly mellowed out from its early days) at the social network’s headquarters. Each student is assigned to a Facebook employee, who will be their mentor throughout the internship.

SiliconValley.com explained the new interns’ duties a little more:

During their summer at Facebook, the students will learn about information technology and other aspects of the business, including marketing and Internet security, said Facebook spokesman Tucker Bounds.

Their first assignment: design the internship program’s logo.

“There are Ivy League students who would tear each other apart for this opportunity,” said David Mack, an outside public relations consultant.

To recruit the students, Facebook partnered with Foundation for College Education, an East Palo Alto, Calif.-based nonprofit that also gave each intern a $500 stipend.

Naturally, the day started off with the awesome perks of free food, and the students learned about the beach cruiser bikes that employees use to scoot around the Facebook Campus. Even after the first day, at least one intern told SiliconValley.com that working for Facebook was now his dream job.

Readers: Don’t you wish you had internship opportunities like this?