Facebook Crows About Success Of New IOS App

By David Cohen 

Facebook touted the success of the Aug. 23 release of Facebook 5.0 for iOS, saying that one-half of its users on that platform updated their applications within four days, and adding that the app’s average rating in the iTunes App Store rose from 1.5 stars prior to the launch of the new version to four stars currently.

TechCrunch reported that Facebook Mobile Product Manager Mick Johnson told reporters iOS users who have upgraded to Facebook 5.0 for iOS are consuming double the number of news feed stories, leading to twice as many opportunities for ads on the news feed.

Johnson and Facebook Platform Head Doug Purdy expanded on the statement by Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF event in San Francisco Tuesday that the company’s biggest mistake was relying on HTML5 instead of a native platform for mobile apps, according to TechCrunch, with Johnson saying:

When we embedded it in our native apps, the performance wasn’t what our users expected or what were happy with either. The features were there, but it didn’t feel like the experience we wanted to use, that wanted to build. I’m long-term bullish on HTLM5 for everything.

Purdy added:

People think, “It’s HTML5 or native,” but it’s “and.” There’s no way we’re going to build native applications for 7,000 devices.

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Four stars image courtesy of Shutterstock.