Microsoft Announces Facebook 5.0 For Windows Phone 8

By David Cohen 

Microsoft released what it called a “major update” to its Windows Phone 8 applications, Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8.

New features or improvements in Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 include:

  • An overhauled user interface.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Support for high-resolution photos.
  • Sharing of posts.
  • Timeline.
  • Support for multiple resolutions and tile sizes.

According to Microsoft, its Windows Phone 7 app will be similarly updated later this summer.

The recently introduced Facebook beta program was credited with many of the changes, with Microsoft saying in a post on the Windows Phone Blog:

A few months ago, we created the Facebook beta program, an opportunity for heavy-duty Facebook users and Windows Phone enthusiasts to help test out and shape future versions of one of our most popular and important official apps. Your help and support has been tremendous, and today, the beta program is paying its first big dividend: Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8.

And if you’re the type who enjoys living on the edge and tinkering with pre-release software, then by all means also download the separate Facebook beta app, which allows you to preview and provide direct feedback on future changes to the app.

And the description of the app in the Windows Phone store reads:

Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can post status updates, receive live tile updates, check your News Feed, review upcoming events, check in to places, manage your inbox, upload photos, publish notes, accept friend requests, pin places and messages as tiles, and look at your friends’ photos, walls, and info.

And don’t forget about Facebook chat — it’s built into the Messaging app on your Windows Phone.

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